International Funeral Services: What You Need to Know

Posted on November 2, 2020 by Crystal Van Orsdel under Funeral Planning
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The loss of a loved one should not be complicated by the transportation of their remains from another state or country. There are a multitude of domestic and international laws regarding movement of the deceased, which can overwhelm those who are grieving. Read on to learn more about international funeral services and arrangements.

Van Orsdel is committed to making every necessary arrangement to bring your loved one home to their final resting place. Our highly experienced international funeral service staff works with airlines, cruise operators, other states, and foreign consulates, and we quickly and easily prepare all documentation so that you can have peace of mind during this difficult time.

Your loved one may have stated in their will that their final resting place is to be located in another state or nation. In accordance with their last wishes, their remains must be transferred there. Our staff has working relationships with numerous consulates, giving transportation a personal touch. Additionally, we work with funeral homes across the world. Our international connections make the transportation process as simple as possible for your family.

Our funeral director will set up an appointment to review and honor your loved one’s final arrangements, including burial in their homeland.

What should I bring to my appointment with the funeral director? 

Please bring your loved one’s passport and prepared documents for the consulate. This will allow the transportation to be authorized by consular authorities.

What happens after the funeral and reparations arrangements have been completed? 

Van Orsdel will bring your loved one into our care, beginning the process of returning them home. Our close connection to the airlines allows us to arrange expedient flights and ensure all regulations are followed.

How long will the process take? 

The length of the process depends on your specific situation. It may take days or weeks, depending on a multitude of circumstances that may be beyond our control. We will work as fast as we can and give you a detailed estimate.

Can you help me make funeral arrangements in another country? 

Yes! We will need your loved one’s legal name and their parents’ names for the death certificate. Please also provide us with the funeral home and cemetery of your choice. Our funeral director can give you several recommendations if you do not have a preference or are uncertain of your options.

What happens if my loved one dies on a cruise? 

Most cruise lines have a dedicated department to handle any loss of life on their vessels. However, they will not be able to assist families in making funeral arrangements. Our funeral director is ready to coordinate reparation arrangements.

Do you have special travel insurance? 

Van Orsdel does offer special travel insurance if the death happens internationally or aboard a cruise line. This specialized insurance covers the transportation and coordination expenses of returning your loved one to America and into the care of our funeral home.

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