Get the Support You Need During the Grieving Process

Posted on September 3, 2020 by Crystal Van Orsdel under Grief Support
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When the death of a loved one happens, time seems to stop and every emotion is heightened. Friends and loved ones may try to help, but they may lack the training to truly comfort you during the extended/extensive process. Grief follows the loss of a treasured life because daily life has been thrown into chaos.

The ensuing emotional and physical pain is overwhelming. There may be unexpected feelings, ranging from pervasive sadness to profound anger. Coping with death takes time and outside help.

Van Orsdel understands that the loss of a loved one is a journey that can take many forms. We offer a multitude of grief support resources to provide comfort 24/7.

Dr. Virginia Simpson, Executive Counseling Director
Coping with a profound loss is a complicated process. We provide a licensed counselor, Dr. Virginia Simpson, who brings personal and professional experience to every counseling situation. She has created the excellent online resources listed below.

Whether the death of a loved one was the result of a natural progression or an unexpected loss, Dr. Simpson gives you the coping skills to explore the depth of your emotions and experience them in a way that promotes healthy grieving.

Van Orsdel offers 24/7 support via online counseling services, group grief support, and interactive videos.

Interactive videos
Grief has a multitude of dynamics. Van Orsdel provides interactive grief support videos to explore these emotional dimensions from the comfort and privacy of your home, with substance and style. You never want to put the burden of grief on those you love. Asking others for support may not be an immediate option when coping. Designed by Dr. Simpson, this set of online grief resources helps you discover the coping techniques needed to move your life forward.

Daily Affirmations
When coping with grief, every day is different and challenging in its own way. Through Van Orsdel, Dr. Simpson provides daily grief support affirmations that encourage and inspire you to show up for your life and loved ones. Sign up for these light-filled affirmations that arrive in your inbox every morning.

Grief Support Resources
Coping with loss is overwhelming. You may want to explore certain topics more or connect with others who are experiencing a similar reaction to this natural part of life. If you are providing grief support to others, discover what gives them comfort. Ask them to share their favorite memories of their loved one. Let them call or text you as needed, but you may need to set boundaries and establish times when you are available to listen. Perform little acts of love like cooking a meal or bringing them a book.

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