Eternal Reefs: A Sustainable Celebration of Life

Posted on August 5, 2020 by Crystal Van Orsdel under Funeral Planning, Unique Funeral Services
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Many have chosen the ocean as their final resting place. As long as humans have walked the earth, the ocean has been a mystical force that celebrates the bounty of life and plays an essential role in mourning traditions.

It used to be that a body could be committed to the sea or ashes could be scattered, leaving it a challenge for loved ones to truly have a final location for their loved one(s). Both options have served us well, but recently, a third option has been gaining popularity for its ability to create a living memorial and a legacy of helping the world via restoring besieged marine ecosystems.

Eternal reefs are a sustainable option for underwater inurnment. Traditional aspects of sea burial and cremation – including the urn or internment vessel and the scattering of ashes – are present, but the tribute is now eternal and able to be located. Cremated remains are mixed into environmentally-safe cast concrete that will replicate the function of a natural reef. This “reef ball” helps the environment by restoring natural ecosystems.

Families can be included in the casting process. Photos can be taken and plaque rubbings may be done. Friends and family can leave the eternal memorial unadorned or personalize it with their loved one’s name and important dates carved into an attached metal plaque. Children and adults can also create a handprint in the damp concrete during the casting process. If your loved one served in the armed forces, a flag can be placed during the military honors ceremony.

As the grieving process is unique to each family, please let us know if you would like further personalization. We will try to honor your vision. Once the eternal reef is done, the family can attend the placement and dedication ceremony, where the reef ball is lowered onto the ocean floor, creating an artificial reef.

Over a few years, the concrete urn transforms into a new reef, attracting ocean life in all forms. Your loved one’s life gives a space for the present and future of the world to thrive.

Eternal reefs are easy to arrange, given their affordability and growing popularity, and a service can be held before or after placement on the ocean floor. Create an eternal legacy for your loved one that gives the world life as they rest in peace.

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