Custom Funerals & End-of-Life Celebrations

Posted on November 25, 2020 by Crystal Van Orsdel under Funeral Planning
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Apart from your wedding, there’s probably no other day in your life where you’re so fully the center of attention than your own funeral. That’s why people go to great lengths to make these special days as personal as possible.

At Van Orsdel, we welcome your desire to create a funeral as unique as the person you’re celebrating, and we’re happy to let you customize many elements of the experience. We offer an extensive menu of options and add-ons, ranging from the common to the highly creative. Here are just a few ideas:


Scattered at Sea

Van Orsdel offers special ceremonies to scatter cremated remains at sea. Our staff can design a private ceremony at sea with very few limitations. Plus, you can leave everything to us and just show up, or have our staff perform the service without attendees. You can even customize the experience with prayers, music, and more.


Eternal Reefs

Eternal reefs are a sustainable option for underwater inurnment, turning cremated remains into a “reef ball” that helps restore the natural ecosystems. Friends and family can personalize the memorial with their loved one’s name and important dates carved into an attached metal plaque. You can also place handprints in the damp concrete as it’s cast, and further personalization is available for military veterans.


Ceremonial Touches

Our team can educate you on both traditional and nontraditional celebrations, as well as help you design a truly custom funeral. Have the service anywhere – and anyway – you wish: Choose the place, day of the week, time of day, and music. Decide what prayers are said and words are spoken. And if the deceased didn’t have specific requests, someone from our team can help you craft ideas.


Unique Experiences

We can help you design a custom funeral that will live in people’s hearts for years to come. In the past, we’ve helped families mark the end of the ceremony through the release of doves, butterflies, or balloons – all as beautiful as they are meaningful. You could also arrange symbolic gifts for attendees such as wildflower seeds or a tree seedling, and allow something from the day to live on and blossom.


Personalized Keepsakes

Many people appreciate the idea of creating meaningful, personalized keepsakes to commemorate a loved one’s passing. Cremated remains can be kept inside a decorative urn or piece of jewelry, be directly infused into artistic glass, or even compressed into a real diamond. Many of our clients choose Legacy Touch, which is a line of jewelry and keepsakes based on your loved one’s actual fingerprint.


Personal Documentaries

Everyone’s story is worth telling, which is why Van Orsdel offers resources for creating personal and customized documentaries of you sharing life stories. The film will be totally unique and a great way to personalize the service. It’s also a priceless gift that future generations will cherish.

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