Custom Funeral Ideas for Everyone

Posted on February 12, 2020 by Crystal Van Orsdel under Unique Funeral Services
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For many, laying a loved one to rest is an opportunity to create a personalized experience as unique and memorable as the life it honors. From a customized ceremony to commemorative keepsakes, using your creativity can actually be an essential part of the healing process.


Van Orsdel has long been a leader in custom funeral services, and our team can also arrange bereavement gifts and one-of-a-kind keepsakes that you will treasure forever.


Ceremonial Touches

The funeral or celebration of life service is the first step to healing. It brings friends and family together at a time of loss and is an important social experience in just about every culture. We can educate you on both traditional and nontraditional celebrations, as well as help you design a truly custom funeral.


Have the service anywhere – and any way – you wish: Choose the place, day of the week, time of day and music. Decide what prayers are said and words are spoken. And if the deceased didn’t have specific instructions or requests, someone from our team can help you craft ideas.


Unique Experiences

An end of life celebration is a deeply emotional experience that can create strong memories. We can help you add beautiful images and accents to a custom funeral that will live in your heart for years to come. In the past, we’ve helped families mark the end of the ceremony through the release of doves, butterflies or balloons – all as beautiful as they are meaningful. You could also arrange symbolic gifts for attendees such as wildflower seeds or a tree seedling, and allow something from the day to live on and blossom.


Personalized Keepsakes

Many people appreciate the idea of creating meaningful, personalized keepsakes to commemorate a loved one’s passing. For example, if you’ve chosen cremation, there are lots of unique ways to display or utilize the ashes. They can be kept inside a decorative urn or piece of jewelry, be directly infused into artistic glass or even compressed into a real diamond.

Photo credit: Legacy Touch

At Van Orsdel, lots of people choose Legacy Touch, which is a line of jewelry and keepsakes based on your loved one’s actual fingerprint. The print can be placed on necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and more, and it’s a way to keep a special part of them close at all times.


Unique Resting Places

Finally, you can choose a unique resting place. One of our more unconventional choices is the Eternal Reef. This is an artificial reef formation made of environmentally safe concrete with ashes mixed into it. It’s then lowered into the ocean to become a new marine habitat for fish and other sea life.


Whether you’ve already done research on custom funeral ideas or you simply want someone to show you all your options, there’s nothing too grand or unique for the team at Van Orsdel.


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