Cremation is on the Rise

Posted on March 1, 2020 by Crystal Van Orsdel under Unique Funeral Services
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Cremation is quickly becoming a more attractive option for millions of people. A 2017 report by the National Funeral Directors Association found it had actually overtaken burial as the preferred way to handle loved ones’ remains, and by the mid-2030s, they expect nearly 80 percent of people to opt for cremation over traditional burial.


If you are searching for Miami cremation services, reach out to Van Orsdel Family Funeral Chapels. We opened our doors in 1924 and have offered cremation in Miami for decades. We are one of the few local funeral homes to offer Private Witness Cremation, where families are allowed to watch the process and pay their final respects in a private setting.


Why are cremations on the rise? First, they are less costly than a traditional burial. From the burial plot and casket to embalming services, burial can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. These material considerations are simply not necessary for cremation.

Second, cremation doesn’t necessarily tie the deceased to a single place. While certain religions that allow cremation prefer the ashes to be buried, most people who cremate either keep the ashes at home in a keepsake urn or spread some (or all) of them in a special location.


Which brings us to reason three: People today move around a lot, and the tradition of keeping and visiting family gravesites is declining in popularity. For many, the notion of paying for, maintaining and regularly visiting graves has become antiquated and impractical.


As times change, more families than ever are looking at cremation as an affordable, practical option that offers a sense of freedom and autonomy.


If you’re looking for cremation in Miami, know that Van Orsdel owns and operates our own private, on-premises crematory. This means that your loved ones never leave our facility and that each step of the cremation process is handled by one of our trained professionals.


Van Orsdel will never subcontract this deeply sensitive process to an offsite facility. Cremation is performed in-house following a strict protocol that includes cremating your loved one with a fire-proof identification medallion, which stays with the remains throughout the entire process. And as mentioned, our Cremation Witness Room is a unique private option for family members who wish to be present for the start of the cremation and offer their final goodbyes.


For Miami cremation services that honor your loved ones and make sense for your lifestyle, look no further Van Orsdel Family Funeral Chapels.


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